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Events Calendar

First impact Traffic Safety Graduated Driver License Law Parent Program

Wednesday 29 August 2018, 06:00am - 07:30pm
You are invited! You are welcome to bring your teen driver with you.

First Impact is a 90 – minute evidence-based traffic safety program that
educates parents about Missouri’s GDL law. The goal of First Impact is to
reduce new driver crashes, resulting injuries and fatalities, by increasing
parental awareness and enforcement of Missouri’s Graduated Driver License law.

Objectives of the program are to increase:

Awareness of teen driving risks

Understanding of Missouri’s GDL law

GDL monitoring and enforcement at home

Importance of being a positive role model

First Impact provides the tools parents need to monitor, coach and support
their new teen driver. First Impact features a video and discussion to promote
the importance of parents and teens working together to reduce teen crashes,
injuries and fatalities. Ensuring parents understand the risks and
responsibilities associated with driving is essential in preventing teen
driving tragedies. The program is delivered by trained GDL Coaches who coach
parents by presenting key facts and proven strategies to help parents lower
their teens’ crash risk by utilizing the Missouri GDL law.

The statewide program is available free of charge.
Location : Marshfield High School, 170 State Hwy DD, Marshfield
Contact : Deana Dothage 573-884-3463