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Tuesday, 24 November 2015 03:49

We are Better Together

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It was encouraging tonight to attend a Community Thanksgiving church service held by the Ministerial Alliance. Father Mark and Holy Trinity Catholic Church were great hosts, and the service was uplifting for all who attended. I was especially blessed by the focus placed on “Togetherness” at the service. The service itself was evidence that we are better together.

It’s ironic that the new city logo is being rolled out for the community to see this week. You will notice banners going up on the square, a promo in the Marshfield Mail, and web and social media updates including a roll-out video. The irony is that the there is one word in the tag line for the logo that will always be there: “Together.”  You may see various tags depending on the application, one might say “Building Community Together," another might say “Shopping Local Together," and still another might say “Honoring our Heroes Together.” The message will always be that we are better, stronger, and more effective at growing our community when we work “Together.”

I am very thankful to Chris Hartzler and Rachael Wipf of, who worked extensively on this project. There is a lot more to roll out over time. Eventually our city vehicles, along with other representations of the city will incorporate this logo. We are hopeful that other organizations will embrace the concept as well. The Chamber of Commerce has already introduced their new look, and it looks a whole lot like the city’s…by design. It showcases the great effort they have been making to work in partnership with the City and others to build business and community in Marshfield.

It is important to continue building cooperative partnerships with a focus of making our community better. I hope you will also embrace the message and work “Together” in whatever capacity you are able to make Marshfield the best Marshfield it can be.

We are better “Together.”

Robert Williams
Mayor of Marshfield