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Thursday, 30 April 2015 21:26

Make Your Voice Heard

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The City of Marshfield is following a very critical three-year strategy of moving toward a positive future. As Mayor, I realize that you, the community, have more control over spurring this city on than its leadership. I would love to work with you to set the foundation that will dictate all future planning decisions. We’ve started this process by capturing a sample of our community with eight focus groups. Now it’s time to open up the discussion to everyone in the Marshfield area.

Therefore, I would like to invite you to play an important role in this endeavor by attending one of two “Vision Casting” meetings being facilitated by our consultant, Francine Pratt. The meetings will be held at the Carl & Glessie Young Community Auditorium at 6:15PM on May 21st & 22nd at the High School. 

Please plan to attend one of these meetings to help us understand what you, the people of Marshfield, want for our city’s future. The meetings are designed so that each individual voice is heard. Your participation is important to starting this planning process. I hope you will come and help us capture a vision.

Making an effort to do something every day to move Marshfield forward,


More Details on the 3-Year Strategy

The first year has been focused on finances. Over the past year the city has made significant reductions in staff (mostly through attrition) and has taken a very critical look at how it manages taxpayer’s dollars. Additionally, we placed three financial questions on the ballot, which because they were received favorably, will have a very positive outcome in the next few years. 

The second year will primarily be focused on planning. By developing a Strategic Plan for the city, we will capture our values, competencies, objectives, and action steps. We will then develop a Comprehensive Plan and necessary ordinances and codes to help facilitate this effort. While we have many active projects that we will keep moving toward completion throughout the planning year, we will evaluate additional opportunities on a regular basis.

The third year will be focused on implementation. We will start to see revitalization of the downtown square, a new pool, water system upgrades, as well as new and improved roads & sidewalks. The vision casting process will help us identify additional projects necessary to reach our goals.

Thank You
In the past year voters have made three excellent choices at the polls that show an obvious desire to move Marshfield in the right direction. Allowing the city to issue bonds to upgrade water and sewer as well as replace the ½ cent debt service tax with a ½ cent “Local Parks” tax (which will help us build a new Aquatic / Activity Complex) will have a very positive outcome in the next few years that will benefit us for years to come. Continuing the Transportation Sales Tax beyond 2020 will likely make the most difference in our community over time, allowing the city to open up new areas for development while improving our existing roads and sidewalks. Thank you!