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Saturday, 02 May 2015 07:08

Golf Tournament Honors Veterans

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I was blessed this morning to help kick off the Art Rich Golf Tournament honoring veterans from all branches of service. I’m not sure what the normal turn-out is for a golf tournament in Marshfield, but it was definitely a packed house (or parking lot) today.

It was a true honor to meet Mr. Rich. I don’t know that we have ever met before, but his humility, and desire to do something to say “Thank You” to all who have served makes him a instant friend as far as I am concerned. All proceeds from the tournament were donated to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post (represented by Commander Phil Rippey), the American Legion (represented by Commander Roy Phillips), and the Memorial Association (represented by Commander Ken Williams).

I understand there were many people involved in coordinating the event with the most valuable volunteer award going to Bonnie Taylor. Thank you Marshfield Country Club, and all who contributed to hosting this worthy event.

It was moving to see the number of men and women playing in the tournament who have served the cause of defending our nation.

In my capacity as Mayor I say to all veterans “Thank you” for your service. We are a very grateful community, and we honor the sacrifice made by you and your family.

In my capacity as a veteran, I say “Thank you” to all who make the effort to recognize and appreciate the sacrifice of those who have served, and those who are currently serving. I don’t know a single veteran that seeks acknowledgement for their personal sacrifice, but I know many who are willing to stand for those who sacrificed everything, it is always a delight to stand on their behalf.

Finally, in my capacity as a father of one who serves today, I pray regularly that God will protect him and all of our sons and daughters currently serving, that He would help them prepare for the day they may be called to protect our freedoms, and for His intervention to keep that day from ever coming again.

I have no idea what the results were in terms of golf today, but I know the proceeds will serve our community in many great ways.

Thank you.