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The Adopt-A-Park program is designed to promote park beautification and safety, public education, volunteerism, and community pride in the City of Marshfield’s park system, while saving taxpayer dollars and helping to make Marshfield a more beautiful community.

Participation activities include removing litter, planting and establishing trees, planting shrubs and flowers, removing graffiti, painting or light maintenance (of such amenities as playground equipment), promoting recycling efforts, improving the conditions of athletic fields, reporting vandalism, monitoring safety conditions, etc.


Parks and Areas Available for Adoption  

Participants commit to help in cleaning up and/or beautifying a park, or facilities within a park.

The City of Marshfield’s Park System consists of the 66 acres, as described below:

  • Ellis O. Jackson Marshfield City Park (Webster County Fairgrounds)
  • Nelson Park (located on North Marshall St. across from the Ellis O. Jackson Park)
  • North Park (located on Banning St. adjacent to Highway CC (West Hubble Drive)
  • Hartley Park (located on North Clay Street; South Marshall Street)
  • Rotary Park (located next to City Hall on S. Marshall Street)
  • Hidden Waters Nature Park (located 542 Massey Street)
  • Frisco Park (located at Second and Pine)
  • Shackleford Springs Park (located on East Bedford Street)
  • Massey Park (located on North White Oak Street)
  • Facilities such as pavilions, buildings, or designated picnic areas
  • Playground equipment, located at the Rotary Park, Hartley Park and Massey Park
  • Athletic facilities, such as tennis courts, softball or baseball fields, soccer fields, volleyball court, or basketball courts

Remember that every little bit of effort helps!  Even if your group isn’t large enough to adopt an entire park, you can still adopt a smaller park area.  Call us at City Hall and maybe we can help you find a park area to adopt, Danielle Cron at 417-859-7660.

Who Can Participate?

The “Adopt-A-Park” program is a wonderful opportunity for individuals and groups to make a noticeable difference in our community.  Individuals, community or civic organizations, schools, churches, youth groups, scout groups, environmental clubs, senior citizen groups, neighborhood groups, businesses, or activity groups may participate in the Adopt-A-Park program.

You may do the work yourself, with others as part of an organization, or provide financial sponsorship.  You can team up with neighbors or co-workers and make your own group.

Some groups may even choose to approach a business to co-adopt a park with them.  Companies that are community-minded know that a clean community is good for business, and that being part of a worthwhile, long-term project is good for their image.


Participant Commitment

Participants must commit to picking up litter in their area of adoption at least once a month.  Responsibilities will include picking up paper, cans, glass (broken glass is to be removed at the discretion of the group’s supervisor), other garbage, branches, and debris, and placing refuse in trash cans at the park or in garbage bags provided by City personnel.  Other beautification efforts are strongly encouraged, such as landscaping, planting small flowers or trees, painting, or light maintenance. No such beautifications shall take place without prior approval from the Parks & Recreation Department, and the Park Committee. The Park Committee will need a written or verbal report of activities or time spent a minimum of every 90 days, 30-60 days is recommended. Adoption of all parks will need to be renewed on an annual basis.

One-time projects are also available, such as cleaning and painting of buildings, playground equipment, picnic benches and tables, or other designated facilities, athletic field maintenance, tree planting, etc.  No matter what your abilities are or how much time you have to spend, we can find a project for you.

Any modifications to parks, buildings or structures that will alter the appearance of the park, facility or area must be cleared through the Parks and Recreation Department as well as The Park Committee; failure to get prior approval may result in the dismissal of the adoption of such park.

A memorandum of understanding between the participating party and the City of Marshfield will be signed.  This document will outline the party’s responsibilities, in detail, providing specific information about what the group or organizations plans to do.  It will also identify the adopted park or area.

City Commitment

  • The City will provide necessary safety equipment and refuse containers.
  • Certificates of appreciation for participating members will be provided.

Safety Guidelines

The safety of participants is our highest priority.  Participants are expected to use common sense and responsibility in their efforts.  To ensure safety, no power tools such as lawn mowers, tractors or chain saws will be permitted to be used without authorization from the Parks Department. Personal protective equipment should be worn, as appropriate.  Safety vests, gloves and other personal protective equipment necessary maybe obtained from the Parks & Recreation Department, on loan, for activities related to Adopt-A-Park responsibilities.  Participants will hold the City harmless for injury or property damage which might have been prevented by safe behavior. Participants must be 16 years of age or supervised by adults.

How Do I Adopt a Park?

To get started, you must first fill out an Adopt-A-Park application, identifying the area you would like to adopt and designating a group leader.  Secondly, the Primary and Alternate contact must provide an approved background check as well as any group having youth involvement. Once your application is submitted, the City of Marshfield Parks & Recreation Committee will review your plans and determine project suitability. 

Requests for specific parks or areas are handled on a first come, first-served basis. 

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Disclaimer & Privacy Policy


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Privacy Policy

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Parks & Rec

Nine unique parks are maintained by the City for all to enjoy. All of Marshfield's pavilions and facilities are available for reservation and rent based on a first come, first serve basis by coming by or calling City Hall at 417-859-7660.

Currently there are two policies for reserving and renting city park facilities. The first is a high risk policy that applies primarily to the fairground property. The second is a low risk policy that allows for reservations and rental of all other properties without requiring the high level of liability insurance needed at the fairgrounds, hence, most higher risk activities will be limited to the fairground park.

The City of Marshfield currently offers 3 recreational sports through out the year. Spring and Fall Soccer, Summer Youth Baseball and Spring and Fall Adult Baseball.

For dates, ages and pricing for all sports, please contact the Parks and Recreation department.

We strive to keep our park resources clean, functional, and environmentally sound. Please join us in this effort by properly disposing waste in the appropriate receptacle.

More information on: 
Activity Complex
Sports Leagues


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City League Sports

The City of Marshfield offers Youth Soccer in the Spring and Fall, Youth Baseball/Softball in the Summer, and Adult Softball in the Spring and Fall depending on interest. All games are held at at Rotary Park.

Youth Soccer

The city-sponsored co-ed league is open to all children ages 2-14. Fees include a T-shirt uniform. Sign ups for fall league take place every August at City Hall with games beginning in September. Spring league registration begins in March, with games starting mid-April. All matches are held on Saturdays

Register online at


Youth Baseball/Softball

The City offers youth baseball and softball programs to children ages 4-14. Registration is held in April at City Hall. Fees include a T-shirt uniform and hat/visor. Leagues include co-ed T-ball, coach pitch, and player-pitch baseball and softball leagues. The six-week program guarantees a minimum eight-game season during June and July.

Register online at


Adult Softball

Marshfield offers multiple adult-league opportunities. Co-ed softball leagues are offered nearly year-round as are non-league related tournaments. Depending on level of interest, the City also offers leagues for other sports as well.

Contact Parks & Rec for more details.

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Fast Facts

Marshfield has the highest elevation (1,493 ft) of any town on Interstate 44 east of the Rocky Mountains.

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For requirements and licenses fees, view the Municipal Code Book, Business and Occupation Section.
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Planning & Zoning

Land Use Map and various applications are available for download below. Please note the deadline information for submitting an application for review by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

NOTE: For more specific business-related regulations and requirements, review the Municipal Code Book, Title IV on Planning and Zoning Requirements and Municipal Code Book, Title V on Building Regulations.

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Waste Water Treatment Plant

The City of Marshfield operates a modern, EPA and MoDNR permitted, Complete Mix Activated Sludge Wastewater Facility located on the north side of I-44 on Brinkley Rd., in addition to twelve sewage pumping stations located at various locations surrounding the City and a 60 acre MoDNR approved sludge disposal site located 2 miles north of the City off N. Marshall Rd.  The Department also maintains over 60 miles of sewage piping and over 1050 manhole structures.

The wastewater facility was originally constructed in 1976 and extensively expanded in 2000 to provide treatment of up to 1.5 million gallons per day of sewage and up to 3.5 million gallons per day of wet weather inflow to the collection system. In 2004 the facility and lift pumping stations were updated to include fiber optic capabilities to remotely monitor operations and alarms including the ability to control some of the wastewater treating processes and all twelve lift pump stations. 

The Department consists of seven employees presently providing Monday thru Friday, 8 hour operation of the facility and equipment with 4 hour operation on weekends and holidays and 24 hour a day on call emergency response as needed.

Due to changing regulations the City in 2012 entered into an agreement with the MoDNR to improve the wet weather flow treatment processes while rehabilitating portions of the sewer collection piping that has served the City for over 90 years.

The proposed projects, funded by the “$9.00 Capital Improvement Project Fees” on the sewer use bills are projected to not only improve the quality of the wet weather discharge to the receiving stream but also to prevent additional inflows to the aged collection piping while extending the life of the sewer piping from 20 to 50 additional years. 

The projects are already under way with completion of the replacement of Lift Station #5, located at N. Elm St. and DD Highway, in January of 2015.  This station has been in use since the early 1960s and has surpassed its cost effective life. 

The sewer pipe Phase I lining project is expected to be completed in 2016; wet weather treating process improvements is expected to be completed in 2017 and sewer pipe lining projects Phase II and III is expected to be complete by 2020.

Even though our wastewater system and Department is “out of sight, out of mind” when working properly and meeting regulations, it is due in a large part to the historical attention and fore sight of the citizens of our City whom have supported both bond issues and rate increases to provide above average service for our community while maintaining some of the lowest sewer use rates in the surrounding area.  

See also: Water & Sewer Billing

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The Marshfield Fire Department was established in 1926 as a volunteer Fire Department and remains so to this day, with the exception of Chief Michael Taylor, who is a full-time paid employee. The City of Marshfield has attained a Class 4 ISO rating.

The Department maintains two firehouses, and a fleet of six vehicles. The fleet includes two engines, a 77’ aerial truck, a heavy rescue, a light rescue, and a squad truck. The Department currently consists of 38 certified volunteers who consistently participate in ongoing training.

The Department provides the following services: fire suppression, fire prevention, technical rescue, public education, emergency management response, advanced life support, emergency medical treatment, and EMS training.

For emergency services, call 911. For non-emergency services, call 417-859-0884.