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Shackelford Spring Park

Shackelford Spring, located at 258 E. Bedford, is a wonderful roadside memorial park. The park is rich with rock formations and trees sitting alongside a creek flowing from a natural spring. It was an important water source for early Webster County settlers. Some of the original concrete watering troughs remain and a stone wall splits the park in half.

Shackelford is an ideal shady retreat for a scenic picnic or anyone looking to pass the time in a more simple way.

There are no rental features in Shackelford Spring.

Shackelford Spring Park is adopted by the Girl Scouts.

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Monday, 27 October 2014 09:08

North Park

North Park, located at 307 Banning St., is picnic and family reunion central for Marshfield.  It offers many acres stretched along a natural creek bed with a pavilion, gazebo, and many picnic tables.

Equipped with restroom facilities, a large grill, plenty of open space, North Park is ideal for family reunions and large get-togethers. It is the home of Cyclone Spring, a natural spring with much history.

Rent the pavilion at North Park by coming to or calling City Hall at 859-7660.  Pricing is $10 per hour or $40 for all day.

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Hidden Waters Park

Hidden waters park, located at 542 Massey St., is a wonderful nature park with sporadic wet weather springs.  Though it sits along a major roadway ("CC" Highway), it is tucked away , behind a natural forest, and offers a very secluded surrounding. A trail through the park leads past ponds, waterfalls, woodland gardens, many native plants, and over bridges. The park includes the Callaway Cabin which was built in 1853 and is one of the few surviving structures after the devastating 1880 tornado.

There are no rental features in Hidden Waters Park.

For more detailed information and history – https://www.hiddenwatersmo.org

Image Courtesy of Ozarks Aerial Photography

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