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  1. Rules:

    The ONLY materials allowed to be burned are leaves, grass, garden waste or paper.  Burning of household trash is NOT allowed.

    All open burning is subject to any air pollution law, the International Fire Code and City Ordinances. A copy of the permit should be at the scene of the burning.

    State regulations prohibit the burning of any building, commercial or industrial waste.

    Burning must be done during daylight hours, with an adult present, and with an extinguishing hose at the site.

    Burning is not permitted within 10 feet of any paved street or 25 feet from any structure.

    Permit is only valid during favorable weather conditions. If you are unsure if conditions are favorable, please call the Fire Department at 417-859-0884 prior to burning.

  2. Permit valid for one month from today's date

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