Parks & Rec

Nine unique parks are maintained by the City for all to enjoy. All of Marshfield's pavilions and facilities are available for reservation and rent based on a first come, first serve basis by coming by or calling City Hall at 417-859-7660.

Currently there are two policies for reserving and renting city park facilities. The first is a high risk policy that applies primarily to the fairground property. The second is a low risk policy that allows for reservations and rental of all other properties without requiring the high level of liability insurance needed at the fairgrounds, hence, most higher risk activities will be limited to the fairground park.

The City of Marshfield currently offers 3 recreational sports through out the year. Spring and Fall Soccer, Summer Youth Baseball and Spring and Fall Adult Baseball.

For dates, ages and pricing for all sports, please contact the Parks and Recreation department.

We strive to keep our park resources clean, functional, and environmentally sound. Please join us in this effort by properly disposing waste in the appropriate receptacle.

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