Water Maintenance

The City of Marshfield Public Water System was established in 1925, and consisted of one well and elevated storage tank to supply public water to the community.  Today it consists of three wells drilled to a minimum depth of 1,300 feet deep, four elevated storage tanks capable of storing a total of 1,000,000 gallons which supplies water to residents through 63 miles of water mains ranging from 4" to 16" in diameter..

There are approximately 3,000 services that receive water from the city of Marshfield. Our water meters have been upgraded to a new system that allows for real time readings and customer access 24/7.  The water mains have been upsized throughout the system, which has been a big improvement to water quality and capacity. 

Fire hydrants are flushed as needed for water quality.  Additionally, the crew performs an annual city-wide flush of all the 441 operating fire hydrants and 954 system valves.  This work, along with daily operations and maintenance of the water system is all done by the Utility crew which consists of the Utilities Superintendent, Utility Foreman, and three Operators. 

Water Quality

The City of Marshfield is working hard to continue to provide safe drinking water and fire protection to the citizens.

View the Annual Water Quality Report Results (PDF).